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We provide a complete line of services pertaining various stone products, design, installation, repair and cleaning. Our team is ready to help correct any issues. Many times we're asked to straighten, align, level, move and at times repair and reinstall stones for families and cemetery organizations. Weather, landscaping equipment and other factors take a toll on cemetery stones and over time they may need attention. We can take care of these issues for you and make sure it's completely correctly!

Date of Death - We the need arises we're here to complete this
process for you. We take an impression of your current stone
(if not saved in our computer system) and we match the font
and letter size. We create a template in which we take to the
cemetery where we will process the addition of the date on
your stone. Many people think their family may have prepaid
for this service however we do not accept prepayments for
death dates.

Cleaning - The cleaning of monuments and markers is a delicate
process that should be performed only by those who have been
specially trained. Special cleansing agents are used in order to
avoid damage. At times a high pressure wash is necessary but
the process must be monitored to avoid chipping or damaging
the stone.

Repair - From time to time stone products may need service such as
those which were improperly installed. If a stone is leaning or if the
seal/joint between the die (top section) and the base need to
be repaired or replaced, Martin Monument can take care of the

12001 Lunenburg County Rd.
Keysville, Virginia 23947
Phone: (434) 736-9489
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Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM
After hours by appointment only!

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