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Digital Memorial Option

Memorializing a life doesn't stop within the borders of the cemetery, memorial garden or resting place and we're proud to offer our families another option to keep the memories alive across town or across the country.  The staff at Monumark are always working to develop the platform, so the features and limitations listed below may change over time.

Features & Limitations
Features & Limitations

A personalized page is included along with these features;

  • Up to 6 people can be added to a single tag.
  • Use the default page or link to any other URL instead.
  • GPS: Record and show the memorial location.
  • Guestbook: Let others show they visited.
  • Memories and messages from other users can be posted (or disabled).
  • Photo Gallery: Up to 200 photos
  • Memorial Location Gallery: Up to 15 photos
  • Embedded Videos: Up to 3 (hosted on YouTube, Vimeo, or other .mp4 hosting service)
  • Related Links: Up to 5 links to other URLs
  • Life Story: Up to 16,000 characters
  • Obituary: Up to 6,000 characters

Purchase your unique QR tag from Martin Monument and activate it with your mobile device and we can assist you with this. 


You can choose to attach the tag yourself or we can assist you. It can be placed on a monument, mausoleum, building or any location where you'd like to give others the option to scan the code.


Make changes to your page any time and at your own pace. Take your time. Gather photos, collect stories and update as needed.

A Lasting Memory!
A Lasting Memory!

Every purchase comes with the tag itself (1” x 1.25”), an activation guide, surface application instructions and prep pad, and a page on on their platform indefinitely.

GPS Location

Allow family and friends that may live out of town to easily find the burial or memorial location by sharing the QR code with them. You can easily update and record the location. 


Allow visitors the opportunity to sign the guestbook, send messages and share memories and stories about your loved one. This feature can also be disabled if desired. 

Photos and Videos

You will have the ability to upload up to 200 photos to your gallery along with 15 additional photos of the memorial location. You will also have the abillity to add videos posted on websites such as YouTube, Vimeo and other .mp4 websites. The videos will seamlessly embed into your page for viewing.

Life Story

Create a life store and include up to 16,000 characters and include their obituary that will allow up to 6,000 characters. 

A Lasting Connection , Kept Simple

Since 2012, thousands of tags have been placed
sharing stories, connecting people, and keeping memories alive. They’re tested, tried and true.

Made in the USA, each tag measures 1” wide by 1.25” tall. They are designed to last decades, sharing their manufacturing methods with industrial and military applications. Lab testing includes abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, temperature resistance, and exposure to UV and other weatherometer testing (equivalent to 20 years outdoor exposure).

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